“Just as every moment gives birth to other time, the same place becomes other place in a different time and the same person becomes other person in an unfamiliar story. What changes is neither that place nor that person, but myself. There are probably no unfamiliar scenes and feelings to us. The moment we see the photograph of that time is an adventure.”

17 Jan -16 Feb_2008
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Installation view

8x10in_2006 12x17in_2005 11x14in_2005 8x10in_2006 20.3x25.4cm_2006 20.3x25.4cm_2006 20.3x25.4cm_2005 12x17in_2005 27.9 x 35.5cm_ 2006 8x10in_2005 16x20in_2007 30.4x43.1cm_2007 30.4x43.1cm_2006 50.8x40.6cm_2006 40.6x50.8cm_2007 30.4 x 43.1cm_2007 20.3x25.4cm_2007 8x10in_2007 30.4x43.1cm_2007 12x17in_2007 8x10in_2006 22x30in_2006 11x14in_2006 16x20in_2006 12x17in_2005 12x17in_2007 30.4x43.1cm_2007 8x10in_2007 76.2x101.6cm_2007 40.6x50.8cm_2007 43.1x30.4cm_2007 50.8x7632cm_2006 20.3x25.4cm_ 2005 43.1x30.4cm_2007 20.3x25.4cm_2005 20.3x25.4cm_2006 30.4x43.1cm_2007 12x17in_2006 35.5x27.9cm_2007 27.9 x 35.5cm_ 2006 30.4x43.1cm_2006 27.9 x 35.5cm_ 2006 50.8x60.9cm_2006 27.9 x 35.5 cm _2005 126.9x101.6cm _2007